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Know Your Voice - Audio Lessons 1-4


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Audio Lesson 1:

Lesson Audio 1 is the first building block in the Zagaria Vocal Method.  Jeffrey Zagaria teaches foundational principles that include:

  • Uncontrolled Tension
  • Common areas Uncontrolled Tension occurs
  • Using controlled tension for expressiveness while singing
  • How releasing Uncontrolled tension will lead to better tone, a larger vocal range, and a healthier voice among other benefits.
  • How to begin releasing Uncontrolled Tension
  • Fatherly philosophy of success that has been passed on.
  • Chest Voice
  • Head Voice
  • Vocalizing and Singing
  • Volume and Tone
  • Methods to decrease Jaw Tension
  • Intro to Vocal Therapy
  • The Italian Vowel “A”
  • Three Note Major Scale
  • Neck Tension
  • An exercise routine for this lesson.

Audio Lesson 2:

Lesson Audio 2 is the next step in the Zagaria Vocal Method. Jeffrey Zagaria continues teaching foundational principles that include:

  • Building upon the foundation learned in Lesson 1.
  • Tone
  • Performance with the voice
  • A “cracking” or “breaking” voice
  • More on enhanced Vocalizing and exercising of the voice
  • The Zagaria Vocal Method’s use as a complimentary method to other sound vocal techniques.
  • The Zagaria Vocal Method’s use as a primary vocal method.
  • More about muscle control.
  • Objectives of muscle coordination, strength, and flexibility.
  • Warming up, stretching, and strengthening ones voice.
  • Five Note Major Scale
  • Tongue position
  • Getting looser
  • Breath Control
  • How releasing tension in the throat, jaw, and tongue effects Breath Control.
  • Breathy tone
  • Improving tone and volume control
  • An exercise routine for this lesson

Audio Lesson 3:

Lesson Audio 3 is the third step in the Zagaria Vocal Method.  Jeffrey Zagaria continues teaching foundational building blocks that include:

  • The next step of vocal foundation built upon principles learned in Lesson Video 1 and 2 for new levels of muscular development.
  • Vocal Posture
  • Classical Vocal Posture and ZVM Posture objectives
  • Releasing Uncontrolled Tension in the back and upper torso
  • Releasing Uncontrolled Tension will enhance singers of any style of music.
  • Chest position
  • The rib cage
  • Stretching
  •  A true story about working with an athletic trainer
  • Three new posture exercises
  • Using posture exercises while continuing to practice the building blocks learned in Lesson one and two.
  • Examples of bad posture and how it effects our overall tone.
  • Improved tone and breath control due to improved posture
  • More on development of muscle coordination, flexibility, dexterity, strength, balance, timing, and stamina
  • Addressing Speech Level and other 20th century vocal techniques
  • A prescribed 40 minute exercise routine for this lesson
  • Building more vocal stamina

Audio Lesson 4:

Lesson Audio 4 is the fourth and final step in the “Know Your Voice” the Zagaria Vocal Method - The Foundation series.  Jeffrey Zagaria teaches more foundational building blocks that include:

  • The Full Vocal Range
  • The Passaggio
  • More on the Chest Voice
  • More on the Head Voice
  • More on “Cracking” and “Breaking”
  • The “Break Point”
  • How many voices a person has
  • Definition of Resonate
  • Good vocal vibrations and where they resonate
  • Developing the Chest Voice and Head Voice first
  • Good signs of releasing Uncontrolled Tension - awkwardness
  • Going flat or sharp while releasing Uncontrolled Tension
  • Greater breath control
  • The Mixed Voice
  • Three Note Major Scale over the Full Vocal Range
  • Five Note Major Scale over the Full Vocal Range
  • Wrapping up the Know Your Voice - The Foundation Series
  • A prescribed 50 minute exercise routine of this lesson
  • Building even more vocal stamina 

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