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Know Your Voice - Audio Lessons 1-4


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Audio Lesson 1:

Lesson Audio 1 is the first building block in the Zagaria Vocal Method.  Jeffrey Zagaria teaches foundational principles that include:

  • Uncontrolled Tension
  • Common areas Uncontrolled Tension occurs
  • Using controlled tension for expressiveness while singing
  • How releasing Uncontrolled tension will lead to better tone, a larger vocal range, and a healthier voice among other benefits.
  • How to begin releasing Uncontrolled Tension
  • Fatherly philosophy of success that has been passed on.
  • Chest Voice
  • Head Voice
  • Vocalizing and Singing
  • Volume and Tone
  • Methods to decrease Jaw Tension
  • Intro to Vocal Therapy
  • The Italian Vowel “A”
  • Three Note Major Scale
  • Neck Tension
  • An exercise routine for this lesson.

Audio Lesson 2:

Lesson Audio 2 is the next step in the Zagaria Vocal Method. Jeffrey Zagaria continues teaching foundational principles that include:

  • Building upon the foundation learned in Lesson 1.
  • Tone
  • Performance with the voice
  • A “cracking” or “breaking” voice
  • More on enhanced Vocalizing and exercising of the voice
  • The Zagaria Vocal Method’s use as a complimentary method to other sound vocal techniques.
  • The Zagaria Vocal Method’s use as a primary vocal method.
  • More about muscle control.
  • Objectives of muscle coordination, strength, and flexibility.
  • Warming up, stretching, and strengthening ones voice.
  • Five Note Major Scale
  • Tongue position
  • Getting looser
  • Breath Control
  • How releasing tension in the throat, jaw, and tongue effects Breath Control.
  • Breathy tone
  • Improving tone and volume control
  • An exercise routine for this lesson

Audio Lesson 3:

Lesson Audio 3 is the third step in the Zagaria Vocal Method.  Jeffrey Zagaria continues teaching foundational building blocks that include:

  • The next step of vocal foundation built upon principles learned in Lesson Video 1 and 2 for new levels of muscular development.
  • Vocal Posture
  • Classical Vocal Posture and ZVM Posture objectives
  • Releasing Uncontrolled Tension in the back and upper torso
  • Releasing Uncontrolled Tension will enhance singers of any style of music.
  • Chest position
  • The rib cage
  • Stretching
  •  A true story about working with an athletic trainer
  • Three new posture exercises
  • Using posture exercises while continuing to practice the building blocks learned in Lesson one and two.
  • Examples of bad posture and how it effects our overall tone.
  • Improved tone and breath control due to improved posture
  • More on development of muscle coordination, flexibility, dexterity, strength, balance, timing, and stamina
  • Addressing Speech Level and other 20th century vocal techniques
  • A prescribed 40 minute exercise routine for this lesson
  • Building more vocal stamina

Audio Lesson 4:

Lesson Audio 4 is the fourth and final step in the “Know Your Voice” the Zagaria Vocal Method - The Foundation series.  Jeffrey Zagaria teaches more foundational building blocks that include:

  • The Full Vocal Range
  • The Passaggio
  • More on the Chest Voice
  • More on the Head Voice
  • More on “Cracking” and “Breaking”
  • The “Break Point”
  • How many voices a person has
  • Definition of Resonate
  • Good vocal vibrations and where they resonate
  • Developing the Chest Voice and Head Voice first
  • Good signs of releasing Uncontrolled Tension - awkwardness
  • Going flat or sharp while releasing Uncontrolled Tension
  • Greater breath control
  • The Mixed Voice
  • Three Note Major Scale over the Full Vocal Range
  • Five Note Major Scale over the Full Vocal Range
  • Wrapping up the Know Your Voice - The Foundation Series
  • A prescribed 50 minute exercise routine of this lesson
  • Building even more vocal stamina 

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"Know Your Voice" - Online voice and singing lesson tutorials and vocal exercises 01:40

Go to see the video lessons: Visit Our Website: Subscribe To Our Channel: Visit Our Channel on Vimeo: ______________________________ Would you like to sing better and healthier? Would you like to increase your voices range? Enrich your tone? Improve your vocal flexibility? Develop your vocal coordination? Increase your vocal power? Enhance your singing dynamics? Grow your vocal endurance? Maintain good vocal health? "Know Your Voice" is a teaching resource that addresses these and many other singers questions. Most people learn to sing by imitation only. Most singers have never learned to develop their own natural voice and tone. Many vocal teachers teach how to imitate famous singers. The fact is top music producers and Record Labels know that the listening public are not looking for imitations, they are looking for uniqueness. If you want to be a great singer, your own natural voice is your greatest asset. "Know Your Voice" helps a person find, develop and maintain, their own natural tone to it's fullest potential. The objective of "Know Your Voice" is immediate improvement of your voice, as well as a lifetime of vocal excellence, health, and uniqueness. "Know Your Voice" - Zagaria Vocal Method, The Foundation: is an online lesson and exercise tutorial resource provided by the Zagaria Vocal Academy LLC. For more information contact ______________________________ Follow us:

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